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Mark Perkins is now well-known in Badfinger-circles for creating his lithographs of Pete Ham and Tom Evans. Also, Mark has assisted on many other Badfinger-related projects financially and creatively. His sons, Sean and Tyler, with bassist John Schmidt, head a riveting new band called Doctor Topic…
Often fans of musical artists feel compelled to express their appreciation through artistic endeavors.When Mark fell in love with Badfinger's music, he set out to draw both Pete Ham and Tom Evans, eventually making prints available for the public. Mark first showed his generous spirit by sending framed prints to many Badfinger-related parties, also making them available at extremely reasonable prices to fans.
Through their dad's interest, Mark's sons, Sean and Tyler, became hooked on Badfinger, and even The Iveys. When it came time that they sought to pursue music as a career, they incorporated much of the influences into their own musicianship and writing.

Doctor Topic is their three-piece band whose insanely energetic performance I have witnessed. Their music is rock solid, with arrangements and songwriting skills far exceeding what you'd expect from young men who were recording their material while still in their teens. The most prominent references I hear are Bowie and Blur (an admitted influence) , but they cannot be pigeonholed and are open-minded to growth.

"Tree Limbs" is one of my big favorites of theirs - for its insanely catchy chorus. "A Skiddish Man" has a Bowie-esque vocal, and again, a superlative refrain. They must have partially picked up this amazing melodic knack from being drilled with Badfinger and The Iveys by their dad! Not a bad thing at all!! "The Great Divide" jazzes it up, rocks hard, and then bop-bops before its hook infiltrates once again. "Betterland Intrusion" resembles latter-day Red Hot Chili Peppers and portends a more developed sound may be coming.

They have an EP available now - email - and check them out on their page. You won't be disappointed. I could easily hear them on U.K. radio. They'd fit in perfectly and match-up against Artic Monkeys and many other current hit acts. If they stay the course, I see a very bright future indeed.

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