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Daughter of Badfinger member, Bob Jackson, Emily Jackson has been forging an impressive music career...

Emily already shows signs of being a matured songwriter and has a sweet, strong, versatile voice that bodes well for her future. Currently, she has a number of excellent songs available to the public on her MySpace page.

"Beyond Repair," a gorgeous, wistful acoustic-based ballad filled with tinkling, tasteful piano riffs. "Never Feel That Way" a very emotional, sad piano ballad - raw and heartbreaking. "Nervous Breakdown," has a funky rock sound and is remarkably driving. Finally, "Despite The Rows" - again full of hooks - more of a demo feel, but it's potentially a fantastic album track.

Also available on the internet, through Google Video and YouTube, Emily sings her original song, "Walk Away," taped from a TV appearance




I grew up surrounded by music – my Dad being a professional musician meant that I was lucky enough to have instruments at home, which from a young age I was able to pick up, explore and get to grips with. I gradually learnt to play the keyboard, and then the guitar. I acquired my first bass guitar at the age of seventeen and learned to play by listening to Beatles and Cream records and trying to imitate them. I always enjoyed singing most of all though; it was something I felt I could really put all of my soul into. I was always very influenced by a lot of sixties and seventies artists, including Free, the Kinks and Etta James, as well as the aforementioned Cream and the Beatles… Badfinger was of course a huge influence on me too.

I moved to Liverpool in 2002 to study Music at Paul McCartney's Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA), where I met a great number of very talented musicians, many of whom I’ve had the opportunity of working with in various different bands/projects over the past 5 years. In 2004, I did a UK tour with playwrights (and songwriters) Willy Russell and Tim Firth (as backing /lead vocalist, keyboard player and bassist). We also did a stint at the Edinburgh Festival and performed on national radio and television. I also had the opportunity to play one of my own songs on national TV – this was recorded/filmed in George Martin’s AIR studios, which was a brilliant experience – I remember being blown away when I was told that Hans Zimmer was recording a film soundtrack in the next room! Since then, I have enjoyed working as a session vocalist with various artists.

However, my main love is creating music from the heart – that is, writing, arranging, recording and performing songs of my own, as well as collaborating with other people.

Right now, my musical focus is on my band, Xander and the Smoke Pockets. I share lead vocals with Keith Xander (lead guitar) and play keys, bass and percussion. I met Keith and his brother Stu (rhythm guitar) a couple of years ago - as soon as we had our first jam, something clicked, and we knew we had to start working together. We bonded over a shared love of classic blues, soul and rock of the 60s and 70s, such as Hendrix, Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Wonder and Donnie Hathaway. We also share a similar peace-loving philosophy, which is reflected in the lyrics we write together.

You can listen to some of our tracks at:


(At the moment, we’re busy writing new songs, so keep checking our site for a taster of the new tracks, which will be up soon!)

Check out a few of my own songs at:


A multi-instrumentalist with a strong, often beautiful voice, songwriting chops, and a sweet nature, Bob Jackson's daughter, Emily, proves once again, "the Apple doesn't fall far from the tree."

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