Jesper Vindberg - The Stairs

The Stairs "Song About Something" mp3

Jesper Vindberg – The Stairs

Jesper Vindberg is the son of Morten Vindberg (moderator of the Badfinger webpage, WYWH (Wish You Were Here). Morten is one of the most enthusiastic Badfinger fans out there and a knowledgable, passionate fan of pop music since the 60s.

During the year 1998, Jesper started a Badfinger website when he was but sixteen years old. Even then, I was amazed by his maturity, enthusiasm and talent. Here he is in 2007, fronting an exceptional band out of Denmark called The Stairs. I'd been hearing their private EPs as they came out over the years and now find they have hit their stride. Jesper was mightily influenced by Badfinger and, at times, developed his playing skills by overdubbing to Pete Ham demos - not a bad way to improve your muscianship.

Go to to hear his band. The song "That's Not A Man" compares favorably to the best of Oasis and Travis. "Song About Something" starts with brooding verses and breaks into classic psych sounds - reminds me of the best of Jason Faulkner. "A Bit Of Alright" is another nice blend of pop melody and old-school instruments that travels the map, challenging your ear, yet engaging one to hear it again and again.

Morten's taste certainly rubbed off and his son's band really should not be denied. Hopefully, they can break out of Denmark for the worldwide exposure they surely deserve.

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