Apple Seedlings

Badfinger/Beatles – The Next Generation

Stephen Evans, Petera Ham, Dhani Harrison, David Gibbins, Adam Gibbins

Throughout the existence of The Beatles and Badfinger, the extraordinary talents of the members was never in doubt. With their vocal, instrumental and songwriting abilities, they each showed an aptitude to be involved in high quality, distinctive work. In Badfinger's case, there were more limited opportunities to showcase, especially with the many pitfalls in their way. Badfinger and The Beatles obviously left enough great music behind to create their golden legacies. They inspired many to similar careers.

Here in Year 2007, a new generation of their offspring are currently pursuing their dreams of music careers. I find them to be incredibly talented - many are already offering fantastic music to listen to.
I'd like to introduce you to them:

Seven Sisters (Mike Gibbins' sons)

Emily Jackson (Bob Jackson's daughter)

Dhani Harrison (George Harrison's son)

Sean Lennon (John Lennon's son)

Friends of Badfinger

Doctor Topic (Mark Perkins' sons)

Jesper Vindberg (Morten Vindberg's son)

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