by Mark Perkins

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Dear Badfinger Conventioneers,

It brings me great pleasure this day, encouraged to prepare a brief synopsis of my experience at the 'First Ever British Badfinger Convention' in Swansea, May 2006.

I was accompanied on this magnificent journey by my two fine sons, Tyler and Sean Perkins, who I am proud to report are enormously inspired by the music of Badfinger!

Keeping my impressions thoughtfully brief, I will highlight a few of the most enjoyable moments, accompanied with a few photographs taken at this outstanding event coordinated in part by our good friend Keith James...

Thank You!

Keith James, Sarah Morris. Mark Perkins

Most important on my 'personal docket' was to consummate the now decade old, long overdue distance relationships. Included here (and in no particular order) are some of the kind sentiments conveyed to me, after the receipt of the Pete Ham and Tom Evans lithographs that I’ve been wanting to share with you all:



~ Bob Jackson ~

"Thank you for the wonderful gift, your portrait of Pete fills the gaps, a great piece! It would be great to meet and shake your hand, but in the meantime, I can only thank you once again…"

Sean Perkins, Bob Jackson, Tyler Perkins, Mark Perkins

Sean Perkins, Bob Jackson, Tyler Perkins and Mark Perkins



~ Marianne Evans ~

"Today, I received your fantastic picture of Tommy (it is my birthday next week!), so that was the best present. You got it all well, especially his eyes, he had beautiful sad eyes…"

Marianne Evans, Mark Perkins

Marianne Evans and Mark Perkins



~ David Evans ~

"I am both honoured and privileged to receive your portrait of Tommy. As I rolled back your work, hairs on the back of my neck spontaneously reacted and tears filled my eyes…many times had I experienced Tom’s eyes like that, reflective, vulnerable, brilliantly translated…"

David Evans - Badfinger Convention Lithograph

David Evans



~ Gaynor Gibbins ~

"I was overwhelmed and surprised when I received your portrait of Pete. It captures his more serious mood (which was not very often!), and I am sure, if he was alive today, would be very flattered and impressed by your artistic expertise…?

Tyler Perkins, Sean Perkins, Gaynor Gibbins, Mark Perkins

Tyler Perkins, Sean Perkins, Gaynor Gibbins and Mark Perkins



~ Beverley Tucker ~

"Thank you so much for the wonderful lithograph of Tom. I shall have it framed and place it next to Peter's – which has pride of place in my home…"

Bob Jackson, Beverley Tucker

Bob Jackson, Beverley Tucker


Now, if meeting Bob, Marianne, David, Gaynor and Beverley weren’t enough, I was honored to finally meet Ron Griffiths, Petera Ham, Roy Anderson, Sandie Carter, Anne Marie Wallis, Tom Brennan, and Marilyn Jones whose husband Gareth was kind enough to give me and the boys a hair-raising tour of 'Mumbles Pier' in his vintage LaConda motorcar!

Ron Griffiths, Mark Perkins

Ron Griffiths, Mark Perkins

Petera Ham, Mark Perkins

Petera Ham, Mark Perkins

Anne Wallis, Mark Perkins

Anne Wallis, Mark Perkins

Marilyn Jones, Mark Perkins

Marilyn Jones, Mark Perkins

Mark Perkins, Gareth Jones

Mark Perkins, Gareth Jones

Gareth Jones with Car

LaConda motorcar


On the final day and early morning hours after the event, I traveled back up to Mumbles with my good friends, Dan Matovina, Tom Brennan and Peggy Burneka to purchase 'lovespoons' for our loved ones back in the States, keeping with local Swansea tradition as translated by Pete Ham’s lyrics to love song titled "Blodwyn."

Sean Perkins, Tyler Perkins

Sean Perkins, Tyler Perkins

Mumbles Pier sign

Mumbles Pier

Mumbles Pier view

View from Mumbles Pier

Mark Perkins Mumbles Pier

Mark Perkins

LoveSpoon Gallery Peggy Burneka

Peggy Burneka @ Lovespoon Gallery

Tom Brennan Dan Matovina

Tom Brennan, Dan Matovina


Indeed, life has a habit of moving us in many unexpected directions and in this case, expectations imagined prior to the convention were now far surpassed with lasting friendships, firmly solidified through our love and respects for all the members and music of The Iveys and Badfinger!

The entire event was well planned, respectful and a truly enjoyable experience of a lifetime.

Kindest Regards,

Mark V. Perkins


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